January 29th, 2012 . by Melissa

Today Jack was taking a bath. He was being very chatty with his toys and I decided I had better pay closer attention to what his little imagination was reeling in, or else I might miss a good laugh. So, I played my best “silent observer” and watched Jack wrap his sting ray squirter toy up in a wash cloth. He very carefully covered the sting ray up and then said, “Night, night baby!” I couldn’t figure out why or how he could link the sting ray to a baby…but then I noticed the color. Pink…of course. Any time Jack sees this color he immediately exclaims, “baby sister!” I decided to join in on the imaginative fun and asked Jack was his baby’s name was. He said, “Dance!” Meaning Cadence. I was not only impressed that he was already preparing to help take care of his baby sister, but he also remembered her name! He’s going to be such a great big brother. :)  -January 29, 2012


After church, all four of us (well, 3 plus my humongous belly) piled in our little queen bed for a nice Sunday nap. Jason had already fallen asleep so Jack rolled over to me for a little cuddle time. We were sharing a pillow and having a bit of staring contest. All of the sudden Jack says, “Mommy, owie!” He was pointing to the remnants of zit I had popped earlier that morning. I said, “Yes, Mommy has an owie.” And I gave a frownie face. He replied, “I kiss better!” And he gave me a kiss on my owie and then said, “All better!”

-January 29, 2012


Jack REALLY, REALLY loves his name. In fact, he’s quite offended if you don’t get it right…

“Mommy: You are my most favorite little boy in the whole wide world!

Jack: NO!!! I Jack-Jack!!”


“Daddy: Woah…You are stinky!

Jack: NO!!! I Jack-Jack!!!”


“Mommy: You are going to be such a good big brother!

Jack: NO!!! I Jack-Jack!!!”


“Mommy: Did you know your last name is Newman? Can you say Newman?

Jack: NO!!! I Jack-Jack!!!”


-January 29, 2012

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