The North Pole

January 25th, 2008 . by Jason

Ever since living in Africa I have not been much a fan of the cold. I used to say that winter was my favorite season. Now I would have to take it back. I still do love winter, but take away the mountains and the snow and there really is not much to like. Welcome to Indiana, the land of no mountains or snow. The last week the high temperatures have been in the teens and lows below zero. It is ridiculous. Today I finally wizened up and wore a beanie along with my ski jacket to school (its always windy here some my other coat does nothing to keep me warm.

All of this have made me come to the realization that I do not do cold and want to escape it as soon as possible. This means that I will be somewhat limited in where we go after graduate school. On the list so far are southern California, but with the snow LA has been getting I’m no longer sure about it, Florida, but who wants to deal with hurricanes, or Hawaii. Hawaii is the leader right now for obvious reasons such as beautiful weather and everyone would love to come and visit.

Realistically speaking though anywhere is a possibility.

Our Future Home

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