2nd OB Appointment

June 3rd, 2009 . by Melissa

I get more excited about my OB appointments that I do about vacation, so when I was called at 9:15 Monday morning and notified that my 11:30 appointment was cancelled, I was devastated. My doctor totally skipped town on me…permanently!! So I opted just to meet with my nurse practitioner because she could get me in the next day at 3:50 and the possibility of hearing my baby’s heartbeat sends a yearning through my veins like a cocaine addiction. Later, I was told that this would be an interview-style appointment. They won’t check the baby at all and I won’t undergo any tests, I will just map out the rest of my appointments and go over my labs with the nurse practitioner. Bummer…no chance to hear the heartbeat L. I told Jason not to come because it would just be a lot of questions and answers and no real baby time, and he agreed to that.

When I arrived at my appointment Tuesday afternoon I was surprised that I was immediately put in an examination room, instead of my nurse’s office. When the nurse arrived she asked me some more medical questions. She also read back my lab results from my last appointment; I don’t have anemia, diabetes, or STDS, or AIDS, or antibodies that would hurt the baby, and I haven’t gained a single pound. She said according to my stats I look like a vegetarian…but no. And I have one of the lowest blood pressures she’s seen. SO, healthy as a horse, right? She then said we would check the heartbeat. At that, I was super excited but a little peeved because the girl on the phone specifically said they would not check the baby’s heartbeat, so I told Jason not to come! He was going to miss this! After 5 long minutes of searching, my nurse could not find Sesame’s heartbeat…which is what happened last time. But, the babies is 4 weeks bigger now, 4 weeks stronger now, so….it should have been easier. She left to get another nurse. That nurse also gave it a whirl using the Doppler. After another 5 minutes of silence she suggested we try an ultrasound. Which I REALLY jumped on. I am only allowed 1 ultrasound (the 20 weeker, that tells you the sex) with my insurance unless a nurse specifically requests one be done. I knew I should be worried that I was needing an ultrasound but I honestly felt that the baby was fine. The nurses though…they were worried. Here I am, I haven’t gained a pound, I have no pregnancy symptoms, and they can’t find the heartbeat at 14 weeks. But the ultrasound instantly showed baby Sesame. We could only see the crown of the baby’s head because the body was stretched out toward my back, which explained to the nurses why they could not find the heartbeat. After a little jostling the baby moved so we could see a full profile. I noticed some fingers and some toes wiggling. The baby kept touching it’s little, alien face. I poked my stomach to see if the baby would react and it did! And of course there was a heartbeat, 162 bpm. I looked really hard for gender anatomy but the baby was too small and in the wrong position. It was the best surprise ever! I was only disappointed that Jason missed out on all the fun. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to show off but check back in 6 weeks, and I definitely will!

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