Welcome to Indiana

January 12th, 2008 . by Melissa

We are finally here in West Lafayette. It has been 8 days since we forsook our cold, wintery, and altogether happy life in Utah. No, it did not take us 8 days to get here (all though it felt like it at the time), we just haven’t really had a chance to write yet. I’d like it to say it is because we’ve been oh so busy, but that would be a complete lie. Life is somewhat slow in northern-ish Indiana, not that it was so fast paced in Utah but comparatively. Jason began his first week as a graduate student. He is only taking two classes, no he’s not a bum, they only let grads take 2 classes apparently. Looks like we will be here forever. He didn’t have much class this week, one of his two professors couldn’t make it to lecture because he was off skiing in (where else?) Utah, I think Jason was slightly jealous. As for me…well these past few weeks I have been calling myself a homemaker and I have decided that homemaking is kind of a cop-out if you don’t have kids. It is also very uninteresting. Luckily, I was offered a job at the Purdue Memorial Union. I have another interview on Monday for a slightly more amiable position in the conference center so we will see where I actually end up. I have mourned the loss of Robert’s, my favorite shop stop, and tried to replace the hole in my heart with a new craft store, Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately the price tags burn a whole in my pocket without that 40% off coupon. Our new apartment is definitely an upgrade from our previous on-campus married student housing get-up, at least in someways. While we only had 6 cable channels at BYU it was better than only one local channel (and to make it worse, CBS.) The iMac has been permanently positioned in front of our bed, we have become much more avid watchers of Heroes thanks to the full episodes on NBC.com. We have a dishwasher, and I am seriously contemplating writing the ancestors of the man who invented such a wonderful device a whole-hearted thank you letter. Our marriage is in a much better place thanks to him. I think that is all for now, we will keep you updated and hopefully post pictures of our new apartment, when we get some furniture.

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