Christmastime 2013

December 26th, 2013 . by Melissa

We had a great Christmas this year and our fun has only begun! We headed down to visit my family in Southern Indiana on Sunday. We went straight to the Dart Family Christmas at my Aunt Debbie’s. The kids had a great time playing with their second cousins and we enjoyed lots of yummy food! We also got a few family photos, which was nice since the others were so out of date! Jack and Cadence each also got a new toy!

On Monday, we headed to the Ritzy’s Fantasy of Lights. I didn’t get any photos but the kiddos sure loved it. We also ate at Hacienda, one of my favorite Evansville restaurants and enjoyed a delicious mudslide dessert. Tuesday was Christmas eve. We spent time with my dad and Kathy, just relaxing. We started a new tradition with the kiddos, a special Christmas Eve box that included new Christmas jammies, a new family movie to watch, popcorn and hot cocoa. The movie they got was Tangled and they loved snuggling with Grandpa and Nana, sipping hot cocoa. After the movie was over we went outside and let off a Chinese wish lantern just like the ones in Tangled. My dad just happened to have one lying around (he has everything!)

Christmas morning, the kids woke up at a decent hour (thank goodness they are still young enough to sleep in!) We immediately went upstairs to see what Santa brought. Jack was thrilled that the goodies and milk he left were all gone. The kids had a great time opening their Santa gifts and their gifts from Grandpa and Nana. Cadence really got the hang of ripping off the wrapping paper this year, she loved it and would even try to help Jack! We had special Christmas tree waffles for breakfast. The kiddos played with their toys for a little longer while Jason and I packed up the car. We said our goodbyes and then headed to my Mom and Terry’s in Kentucky.


We had Christmas lunch at my Mom and Terry’s. My brother was there, as well as my cousin and her family, my Grandma and my Uncle Craig. My grandma made her famous potato salad “just for me.” I had several, several helpings. And had more today for lunch, too! The kids opened their gifts and enjoyed playing with the dogs and with their cousins. Alora and Cadence are just 2 weeks apart and were being so cute with each other! We had a great time. We loaded up the car with all kinds of goodies and then drove 4 hours home. Luckily my mom sent us on our way with tons of cookies, homemade fudge, and cheesecake. That kept me awake for the drive home!

The day after Christmas we let the kids open their stockings and their gifts from us. It was nice to have a little Christmas of our own and actually use the tree we put up! I spent the rest of the day making room for the new toys, out with the old and in with the new! Our holiday cheer won’t stop here; Jason’s mom, sister and brother are coming to visit tomorrow. Let the holiday fun continue!

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