The Big Move

November 20th, 2007 . by Melissa

Jason and I are moving to Purdue in…hold on, let me check Facebook…46 days. We still don’t have a place to live, I still don’t have a job, so this is all pretty frightening. I am a little sad to leave Utah., after all, I did once call it Utahopia. It has really grown into a second home. Yesterday, Jason accepted a position with a professor in an electrical engineering lab, a position that requires him more or less to get a doctorate, which means we will be living in Indiana for 5 years, not 2. 5 years is a really long time. We will probably have two kids by the time we leave, my dad will almost be retired, and all of my friends will be long gone from the area. This is such a bittersweet move for me. In a lot of ways I feel like I am going home, although home is technically 4 hours away. But it has been so nice here, our friends are wonderful and we all have the same standards. I forgot what it was like being one of the only Mormons in my high school, maybe it will be easier now that I am grown up… The Purdue experience should be interesting. Really.

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