Edisto Island

August 14th, 2013 . by Jason

We took a vacation in mid-July to Edisto Island in South Carolina with our friends the Eberts and Hewards. It was lovely. The scenery, the company, the weather, everything was just great. We had so much fun at the beach, playing games with our friends, and eating really great food every night. The only tough part was the 14 hour drive, bleh! We’ve never driven that far with kids and to our utter and complete surprise, it went amazingly well. I was SUPER prepared because I was so worried the drive would be a catastrophe but the kids we’re incredible, there wasn’t a single tantrum or episode. Here’s a little of what we did in SC.


Jase and Little Miss at the beach.


Notice the sand on the corners of her mouth…more on that later. :)


Jack loved the water.


He’s already asking, “when can we go back??”


Family picture at the crabbing hole.


The marina.


Jack and Jeff crabbing.


Cadence eating sand by the spoonful. There was just no stopping her, I mean the sand was everywhere.


Road trip!!


Suitcases are just too fun.


Loving the swing.


Helping Little R out in the swing.


Someone got pinched in the bum by a crab. :(


On a little hike, part of our bike ride.


Jack at the serpentarium. Cadence and I did NOT go. Yikes!!



Jack and his new little buddy. They had so much fun together.

2 Responses to “Edisto Island”

  1. comment number 1 by: Joni

    So fun and so cute- except the bum bite. No fun :( it was great to see your posts and updates about what adventures you have been up to this summer. We can’t wait to hear more

  2. comment number 2 by: Nancy

    I feel like every time I see you I never have time to catch up on what you’ve been doing so it’s fun to see it all updated here!