ChrismaCruise, Days 1-3

January 2nd, 2013 . by Melissa

Day 1 – Went to work, blah. Then loaded up the car, kids and took off for the Schreiber’s. We made it about 20 minutes when we were met with standstill traffic on the interstate. BLAH. The fierce wind had overturned a semi-truck. With that delay we had to reroute straight for the airport, boo. In the meantime, some serious snow began to fall. We boarded the plane after parading through the airport with our convoy of baggage.  I hate flying. So at takeoff, when the plane swayed like a Florida palm, you can be sure I was white knuckled and deep in prayer. After 20 minutes of roller coaster quality belly dropping, it was back to smooth sailing. Whew. These little munchkins did great.  I was the problem child on this flight!


Day 2 – We met up with the rest of the Newman clan at the greatest hotel in all of Miami, the Epic (and boy, was it!) We had an awesome room on the 23rd floor with a partial-panoramic view of the city.  Too bad I’m afraid of heights, too. We did a little bit of shopping in downtown Miami, relaxed in a city park, and then ate dinner at a cute, boutique Italian restaurant.

Our Epic view!

 Cadence and Uncle T at the park. 

Day 3 – After quite the rigmarole of people and bag shuttling, we all made it to the cruise port and boarded the Carnival Liberty. Unfortunately, we met up with a storm just a few hours out of the port. Most of us were beyond seasick and didn’t enjoy that inaugural dinner much.

Ready to board!

Aboard the Liberty!

Aboard the Liberty…and feeling it. 

Our nightlife. 

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  1. comment number 1 by: Joni

    So fun! I loved seeing all your pictures! We miss you guys lots! Just saying…:)