Christmas Light Show

December 28th, 2008 . by Melissa

Last Saturday we went out to eat with our friends and were looking for an activity to follow. Throughout the past week I kept hearing about this wonderful neighborhood in Battle Ground (about 20 minutes away) that decks out their houses with Christmas lights and then syncs them up with rockin’ Christmas music. It sounded worth the drive to me! We packed up and headed out. We knew it had to be good because there was a line to get into the neighborhood. We finally reached the first house after another 20 minutes of waiting, unfortunately, it was the ONLY house! Turns out it’s just this one guy that does it and everyone else in the neighborhood barely has a wreath on the door. Anyway, it was still worth the drive, I was truly giddy with the whole thing…it was just awesome, and I love the Transiberian Orchestra, which accompanied many of the light “dances.” The man in charge even went around to all the cars with mini candy canes!

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