To Buy or Not to Buy

March 29th, 2008 . by Melissa

With the housing marketing plummeting along with mortgage interest rates we thought it might be the time to buy a home. So we started saving our hard earned pennies. Which meant only going out to eat once a week (gasp!), and only going to the movies once a month (another gasp!), but we knew it would all be worth it. The plan was to talk with a loan officer early to Mid-April. We we fighting the clock as our apartment contract ends in May. Meanwhile I scoured the online MLS looking for our first home. Indiana has really cheap housing, which is great for first time buyers but…the lots are also the size of well the house. There are no yards out here. So Jason’s vision of a garden, and my vision of a play area slowly started to fade. Not to mention the privacy level in most of these neighborhoods can’t be very high. We ignored that and kept looking. We pinpointed the area of town we wanted to live in, West Lafayette. Where we currently live now, so that Jase and I could stay in the same ward and continue to use the bus system to and from work. Well, people in this small little area know there are young married couples like us out there and so they price their houses 20,000 more than what the tax assessor says they are worth and of course they get their way and their house sells within 2 weeks. Good for them, bad for us. We began looking for something smaller, older, with an even tinier lot. And that’s when we decided there is just nothing out there for us right now. So, we signed a year contract for our apartment and plan to look again this August with hopes that we’ll find something worth investing in. A sampling of what’s available in West Lafayette right now.A sampling of what’s available in West Lafayette right now.

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  1. comment number 1 by: mom

    I love the new layout of the newly Newmans site. So cute! The perfect house is waiting for the two of you and you will be glad that you waited.

  2. comment number 2 by: Ben Evans