The Dancing King

September 26th, 2011 . by Melissa

My dad called me up one day when I was nearing my the end of pregnancy with Jack and said he really felt we needed to name the baby Michael instead of Jackson. He said we could always keep Jackson as the middle name but Michael should definitely be the first name. My dad is a pretty laid back guy, so the fact that he was so strongly suggesting another name really caught my attention. At first, I thought maybe he had a vision or something…after all, Michael is a biblical name. But after only a few seconds of me wondering why he was suddenly pleading for this other name, he exclaimed, “Get it! Then the baby’s name would be Michael Jackson Newman! In tribute to the late King of Pop! (This was shortly after the Man in the Mirror’s death)” I laughed with him for a few minutes and then a few years later when Jack NOT Michael, started dancing all the time…I began to wonder if we got the name wrong after all. This kid will dance to any beat…including to the sound of my Cricut machine cutting paper. A few weeks ago at Jen’s wedding we were able to capture just a few brief seconds of Jack getting down. I think he has a future in hip-hop!

And here’s another!


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  1. comment number 1 by: Joni

    So cute! I love it!