Perfect Child?

July 4th, 2011 . by Melissa

Last Friday I had a few work emails to send out before we headed to playgroup. I told Jack to play with the toys in the bedroom while I finished up. He loves “free time” so I knew he’d be fine. I sat at the computer on the opposite side of the bedroom and listened to him play and jabber as I typed. After several minutes or so, I realized the playing and the jabbering had stopped. At first I was worried that he managed to open the bedroom door and escape (because he has almost done it several times before) but the door was still latched closed. So I walked around our bed and found Jack like this:

He must have been pretty tired (even though his naptime wasn’t for another 1.5 hours!) because he had pulled off the pillow from our bed and wrapped himself up in this blanket next to the pile of laundry. It was so cute. He was tired and by golly, he was going to take his nap! Turns out he was just play sleeping and he started giggling at me as soon as I tried to take a picture.

One Response to “Perfect Child?”

  1. comment number 1 by: Jennifer Lane

    He is the perfect child…. :) love mom