My Amazing Race Dream

March 23rd, 2011 . by Melissa

This is what I dreamt up last night. I have a very overactive subconscious and this dream was particularly detailed and entertaining. I willed myself to go back to sleep so I could finish it but I couldn’t pick up where I left off, so I have no idea how it would have ended!

We slowly pulled into the gravel lot atop Hedge’s hill. Jason was driving. Many spectators had already arrived and laid on their summer spreads in anticipation of the race. We parked, I exited the vehicle and immediately began to survey my competition. Most of the racers had already arrived and were making last minute preparations before the sound of the gun called them to action. Steve was there, I hadn’t seen Steve since the 7th grade. He was in my challenge course during my elementary years. He would be a fierce opponent, he was the king of analytic thinking. Then there was Greg. He was one of my closest friends in high school. There was always a bit of competitiveness between us, we were always trying to outdo each other. I also noticed Natalie, she was our class treasurer. And Brent, another former classmate. We began to line up at the starting line. Greg was doing some last minutes stretches. I said hi and he was so surprised that he let go of his suspended leg which inadvertently met my left shin. He apologized profusely, almost to an annoying degree. After I insisted for the 15th time that my leg was still at full capacity, we took our places. The gun rang and we sprinted into the playing field. The first task was trivia. I aced the answers and headed for the next station. I was leading the pack and after briskly passing off Station 2, I felt fairly confident in my 5 minute advantage. At post 3, I looked up at the chalkboard that had been mounted to the back, exterior wall of Hedges Central Elementary. There were 5 logo shapes; the topic was soft drinks. I stared at the shapes as if they made up the alphabet of Martians. I wished then that I would have had a soda or two, in my adolescence. What’s a few cavities when you have a million dollars to spend? We were to correctly name the soft drink that belonged to each logo shape. Unfortunately, most of the shapes were very generic; triangle, diamond, square. I guessed Dr. Pepper right away. This is Jason’s favorite drink, and I am exposed weekly to the logoed circle. The others, I just couldn’t place. Steve arrived next. I knew he would do well. My lead was gone. He guessed all 5 soft drink logos in 30 seconds. Who would’ve thought smarty pants was such a soda junkie. Natalie was next. She also did well, though she wasn’t as quick as Steve. And then Greg. I remembered Greg accidently kicking me during the line up and wondered if he was still feeling guilty. Some competitors had formed alliances and were working together. I suggested the idea to Greg. He immediately refused then correctly labeled all 5 soda logos. The judge fielded him through and gave him a yellow clue for his next destination. I yelled after him, “My shin still hurts, by the way!” I turned my focus back to those gosh-forsaken logos. “Think, think, think,” I told myself. “Crescent…that’s Crush!” The judge confirmed my answer. 3 more to go. Brent had arrived by now and only had one soda left to name. In a moment of inspiration, he wrote the final soda name and was waved on by the judge and given a yellow clue. I sat there for a few more minutes, dumbfounded. 15 minutes had passed and I had managed to place names with 2 more soda logos. Just one left. I quickly scribbled King’s Sauce and showed the judge my paper. He nods and hands me my next clue. I look at the judge and then scold him for 2 minutes on the obscurity of the final soda. He suggested I hurry and I obliged.
The clue told me to go to Madame de Broglie’s bistro. I had no idea Mt.Vernon had a French bistro, which also meant I had no idea where it was located. I headed into the elementary school, straight for the principal’s office. Mrs. I greeted me by name. I was stunned that after 15 years she still new my name. After I told her how impressed I was with her memory, I asked her for phone book. She looked very confused and said, “We haven’t had a phone book in years. We use the internet now, honey. Would you like to borrow a computer?” I then explained that I was in a race and it was against the rules to use the internet or use any type of motorized transportation. I then made a mental note to go get my bike. She told me to wait one second and headed to the back room of the office. She came back a few minutes later with a pocket size version of the Yellow Pages. I started to ask, “Do you have a magnify…” but saw out of the corner of my eye a magnet clinging to the file drawer on my right. It was a Madame de Broglie’s magnet! I asked Mrs. I if she had been there. She said, “Oh yes. It’s wonderful! Are you heading there, now? Can I just suggest the potato, cheese, and green pepper quiche? It is to die for.” I was thrilled that she was so familiar with the location and begged her for directions. She told me to head down Locust St., go past Main St., and then head over to First St. Madame de Broglie’s would be on the corner. I thank her, and head for the door. Then I woke up…

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    Um…..screen writer? Yes, I think so!