Game Day

September 6th, 2008 . by Melissa

Last Monday I received a pleasant surprise in my work mail…two free tickets to the Boilermaker’s football opener vs. Northern Colorado. Apparently, the athletic program was trying to encourage new staff members to buy season tickets by footing the bill for the first game. Jason and I had been talking about going to a game. We weren’t sure which to go to. We just wanted to attend one to see what the fuss was all about and how it differs from a Utah game or a BYU game. I’m not that interested in football…like at all, I was a cheerleader for 6 years and I still don’t understand the game, but I really like the atmosphere so it seemed like a great deal. We’d get to go to our one game for the experience and if it sucked we wouldn’t even lose any money on it. Purdue football is a lot like BYU football: boring. And our seats were pretty high up and the bleachers were less than comfortable. BUT, it was nice because Jason was actually cheering for the team at the Purdue game and the stadium was a lot smaller than LaVell’s getup so it seemed PACKED and more excited as the energy ratio per square footage was increased. One of my favorite differences, the train horn off of the jumbotron. It gives a little toot-toot with more yardage, touch downs, etc. It sounds authentic and steam blows out of it. Very classic. And of course the Boilermaker Special was out and about and that’s always fun. I almost got in an accident with it last night when I was lost in Freshmanland trying to find my husband and the Grad Student Picnic, so it was good to see it up and running on it’s big day. The biggest difference were the cheers…mind you they still do the Darth-Vadar-Stars-Wars song with the crazy arms flailing, but there was one cheer in particular that you’d never hear at a BYU or Utah game for that matter. It goes a little something like this (and I will censor): 1-2-3-4 FIRST DOWN Bi@#tch!!! At first when we heard it Jason and I just looked at each other and said what? What did they just say? And it wasn’t just 100 oddballs sitting to the left us of being smart, it was like the entire student section of at least 3000 and then some of the families, staff members, community members, etc. So, when they said it again we paid more attention and unless someone on Northern Colorado’s team was name Mitch, there was definitely profanity. We ended up leaving the game during the 3rd quarter because the September sun at noonday was particularly deceiving and also burning the heck out of my very English-skin-toned husband. It was definitely an interesting experience, that I doubt I will have again.

Notice how there are ZERO pictures of the football game. Definitely shows you were my interest was…or was not.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Alisha


    That cheer is why none of Purdue’s home games are being shown on tv this year.

    Gooooo boilermakers…