Mystery Stench…Revealed!

August 21st, 2008 . by Melissa

We’ve had a difficult time with our lovely, large and altogether nice-ish master bath. For whatever reason there is an odor that we can’t quite put our finger on (if you could touch odor), and we can’t seem to find the source of. At first we thought it was the walls of the bathroom. The people before us were heavy smokers and we had to work especially hard in the master bedroom to eliminate all of the nicotine smell from the walls. And while this smell had a different tang we thought we would try the same method of removal we used in the bedroom in the bathroom since we had such great success. We painted the walls with our special odor sealing primer. And then followed that up by a coat of Jujubi (I love paint color names, it’s a barnish red). I smelled the walls once they were completely dry and discovered a faint trace of the mystery stink.

Hmmm… I then smelled the ceiling and WOAH, my goodness, that HAD to be the problem. So after it had already been painted without the sealant we went back in and covered it with not one, but two, coats of odor sealing primer. And then painted it. Yet, again I could still faintly smell the odor on the ceiling. Meanwhile, the entire bathroom is still smelling like a big, giant, urine covered vitamin. How could the faint smell from the walls and ceiling fill the whole room with such a strong aroma? After looking into to some costly air ionizers, Jason and I decided to give up. I began decorating the bathroom last night, adding wall décor and towel hooks. Jason came in to see my progress and was overwhelmed yet again by the mystery odor…I guess I was getting used to it. He made a comment, “it’s coming from this corner of the room”; pointing to the area of the vanity, sink, and mirror. (Side note: Funny that the stench wasn’t reaking from the usual suspect, the commode. But we cleared the toilet’s name a few weeks earlier when Jason removed it from it’s stationary position, cleaned the urine from the floor underneath and replaced the wax ring and seal.) I began to evaluate all of the possible sources of odor in the area that received Jason’s accusation. The wall…which again just faintly smelled of the odor. The mirror, which cannot really support odor. The sink, which didn’t smell like anthing at all, really. And the vanity.

I bent down to smell the maple cabinet doors and while the odor was still faint, it was slightly stronger on the cabinet than it was on the wall. Interesting. How do you get the odor out of wood? And then, I opened the door. BIG mistake, or maybe it wasn’t? Either way, I hit the jackpot. I have no idea what was housed underneath the sink in the vanity, nothing repungnant was visible but the aroma that came from that cabinet smelled like a dead mongoose and the odor hit me like a wall of trash. I yelled for Jason to come see…err smell. He concurred with my conclusion once he walked into the general vicinity of the exposed cabinet. Now, the question is…how do we get rid of the smell??

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