Super Dad!

July 29th, 2008 . by Melissa

Our house is coming along…in that you can finally tell we are making progress. We have one room out of 7 completely finished; the living room. It looks really nice, it came together even better than I expected. Long term we plan to add crown molding and wood floors but as of now this is the finished product. My dad came up on Sunday night to help us with the repairs. Although Jason is doing a WONDERFUL job with all of the repairs, painting, and upgrades it takes him a little bit longer to figure things out because he doesn’t have experience on his side. My dad, however, having been a handy man for so many decades definitely has the upper hand and we’re glad he was willing to lend us his labor during his week of vacation…some vacation right? I have the little girl complex still, where I think my dad can fix anything and everything. Fortunately enough he has proved me right, he has been able to fix everything we’ve needed him to. We’ve had a horrible leaky sink for the last month and it had gotten so bad it was at the point of unusable. I had to clean off our dishes in the half bathroom sink and with our dishwasher also down the plates and bowls were beginning to form large towers over the counter. Jason tried his best to fix the leak but after 3 hours of hard labor and nothing in return he gave up in frustration. My dad, was able to fix the leaky sink and once again I was able to do dishes (bleh…but they seriously needed to be done, the Department of Health Services probably had a lead on us.) The next problem, the motor on our furnace was being held together by a nice Craftsmen wrench. My dad and Jason working hard together were able to cut a piece from a metal spatula purchased at the Goodwill and attach it onto the motor relinquishing the wrench from its inapt role. Also, Dad was able to bring up his new table saw to cut our chair rail pieces for the dining room. Although the rail has not been nailed to the wall yet, it looks fantastic! Hopefully, when I get back from work today it will be complete! So this was all done in the first full day of my Dad’s visit, we are definitely making much better progress with his help. I finally found my camera in an unpacked moving box so I will post our rooms as they become complete.

Our newly finished living room. All that's left is to hang our art.

Our newly finished living room. All that's left is to hang our art.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Diane Embry

    Um, I wanna come visit when it’s done, please. I love the pictures and the Newmans!