Indiana Float

March 16th, 2008 . by Jason

Melissa has become obsessed with having 7-up raspberry sherbet and pineapple juice floats. The other day I decided to take a small drink of 7-up, as I opened the bottle and it made the sound of the pressure in the bottle escaping Melissa’s super sensitive ears picked it up and came dashing into the room proclaiming that I was not to drink all of it.

Melissa also loves starburst jelly beans, and I would argue that because of it Easter is one of her favorite holidays. What is especially funny it that she only likes some of the colors, so she digs through the bag an picks out her favorite colors. Yesterday I noticed that there was a huge pile of the rejected jelly beans, so I decided to pick out the rest of her favorite colors and hid them. Later that day Melissa decided it was time for more jelly beans, she opened the bag and began to search frantically for the chosen jelly beans, when she failed to find some she got the saddest look on her face. I finally gave in and let her know where I hid them. Little does she know that there are still a few more hidding…..

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