Cooking in the Bathroom

July 23rd, 2008 . by Jason

I asked Melissa if I could take a picture of her, but she refused saying that it would be inappropriate.

Among the many tasks on our ‘todo list’ is to fix the leaking kitchen faucet. Normally we would be able to take care of such a task immediately; however, the leaky faucet has quickly fallen to the bottom of the todo list.

The problem with the faucet is that the sprayer hose leaks. Initially it was the sprayer head that was leaking so while on one of my daily trips to hardware store I picked up a new sprayer kit thinking that it would be easiest to just replace the whole thing rather than fiddle with it. Later, I went to work to replace it. It was then that I realized why I am not a plumber.

Removing the old sprayer should not have been as difficult as I made it. If I had a basin wrench I would have had it off in 30 seconds flat. Since I am not a plumber, I didn’t have one so I made do with my adjustable wrench. My wrench wouldn’t fit up into the small crevices where the nut to loosen the hose was so I proceeded to remove the entire faucet from the sink. Once it was detached I struggled to pull the faucet as far out as I could, after removing the water supply lines, and barely had access to the sprayer hose.

By this time I had already spent about 30 minutes on a 5 minute project. With the old sprayer detached I threaded the new sprayer through the maze of the sink and then up through the hole in the sink to where the detached faucet was and began to tighten the hose to the faucet. The sprayer hose unfortunately did not have a convenient swivel head, but was tightly attached to the nut. With every twist of the wrench the hose quickly wound up like a snake. Every couple turns of the wrench I would have to climb under the sink and untwist the hose to only repeat the process. A dozen iterations later the new hose was attached and I made of quick job of forcing the faucet back into place, reattached the supply lines and was ready to try it out.

An hour into the project I flicked my wrist on the knob and water poured out of the faucet, a slight smile grew across my face. I grabbed the sprayer and gave it a squeeze, water bursted from the head and all was good. I examined the sprayer head to make sure that there weren’t any leaks and I began to think of the next project that I would work on. The last place I had to check was under the sink, just in case something else was leaking. To my chagrin the sprayer hose was indeed leaking. Not from the head as before, but from where it was connected to the faucet. My smile quickly fled.

So I began the awkward process of removing the faucet and 20 minutes later I was giving that nut all of my force to make sure it was tight. Convinced that it was I reconnected the supply lines and turned on the water. It was still leaking.

I made my second trip to the hardware store that day and bought some plumber’s tape. I got homeand repeated the intense painstaking process of removing the faucet. Wrapped the threads in tape, reattached the hose (while untangling it every other turn) , put the faucet back in place, reattached the supply lines, turned on the water and…….. it still was leaking!!!

By this time the leaking sprayer hose had cost me 3 hours! With this in mind I threw my hands up in the air and said that I would get back to it later. I really should have bought a basin wrench, which would have eliminated half the steps from my process, or even better, just bought a new faucet to replace the walmart clearance bin faucet, which is probably why it is leaking.

Melissa keeps asking when I am going to fix the sink and I keep saying that I’ll get to it right after I finish my current project. Little does she know that I am avoiding it like the black plaque.

That my friends is why we are cooking in the bathroom. Have no worries, it is clean. If you refuse to eat anything we make, we won’t be offended…

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