I Failed my Eye Exam

July 10th, 2008 . by Melissa
As I wrote on day 3 a speck of paint stuck itself to my contact. I was able to remove most of the paint by soaking the contact with saline but some debris must have remained as my eye was constantly being irriated for following 2 days. I was without a contact supply, had no idea where my prescription was and decided despite the bad timing to call the eye doctor. There were able to get me in within a few days. I had my appointment yesterday and was grateful to be the one leaving work early for a change. First, the doctor had me take all of the routine tests with my contacts in. Even with correction I couldn’t read the bottom line. Then…and this was a little awkward for having just met the man…he took out my contacts. That’s right, he took them out for me, I mean I could have taken them out myself…I’m not five. Oh well, then I took the test without correction. Haha, I could maybe read the 3rd line below the big E…I hate how they don’t tell you if you’ve guessed the right letter. I kept getting my S’s and Z’s and O’s and C’s mixed up. Then we went onto, “Is this one better, or is this one better.” And I started panicking because I could not tell a difference anymore, everything was blurry. I kept stalling and ugh-ing, my hands began to sweat. He had to give me the test twice, I failed my eye exam! The diagnosis: my prescription needed to be increased meaning my near sightedness is getting worse, my astigmatism hasn’t increased, and my left eye apparently can’t breathe. He insisted I order these super expensive (for anyone who knows contacts, they were $38 a box) highly permeable contact lenses with special solution. Luckily, Purdue has incredible vision insurance and I only paid $35 for a year supply, plus my exam was free. Anyway, that was the eye doctor in a nut shell!

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  1. comment number 1 by: Heather

    Where did you go for your eye exam – I need one and haven’t been to anyone here, using Purdue’s vision benefits…