Abnaki Way

May 27th, 2008 . by Melissa

Well, Jason is kicking my trash with all of his blogging. When we started this thing I thought I would be the only one writing and he has definitely proved me wrong. I’ve decided to write about the biggest thing going on in our lives right now, Abknaki Way. So, we weren’t going to buy a house, not at all (see post # 5). But I couldn’t keep myself from looking anyway. I’ve wanted a house since we got married, I’m not sure why, I think it has something to do with my addiction to HGTV. I found our house in the MLS it was a pretty penny over our budget but in one of the nicest, family-oriented neighborhoods in West Lafayette. The report said it was 1600 sq. ft., that’s 2 TIMES our current living accomadations. And it housed 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, that’s 1.25 bathrooms per person! Despite the price tag, I was VERY excited about this property. I noticed that the home was a foreclosure and that we would have to bid for it, like Ebay…like Ebay meaning we could possibly getting it for A LOT less than what the government was asking. This changed everything, the only think I didn’t like about the house was the price. So after a lot of persuading, and I mean a lot , I was able to talk Jason into letting us meet with a realty to tour the property. The pictures online did the interior of the house a lot more justice than it deserved. As soon as we walked in we were hit with the smell of smoke…oh no cancer stick people! The paint job that the former occupants had attempted was sloppy and uninspired. Crown moulding had been imitated by a painted white stripe near the top of the wall, do these people think we are blind!? Anyway the carpet had dirt stains in the living room and the kitchen had disgusting lineolium. But the cabinets were beatiful and the pantry was large and there was a dishwasher! Onto the sleeping quarters. Upstairs the second bedroom was larger than our current bedroom and the closet was very nice and roomy. I began to imagine my scrapbooking and sewing materials fill up the room. The 3rd bedroom was smaller, about the size of our current second bedroom, it would be a nice office. The full bath upstairs was pretty typical, nothing special other than it’s existence. Then we found the master suite…that’s right I said SWEET! The room was HUGE, 19 feet by 15 feet, it felt even larger with the vaulted ceiling. The two windows in the room really brightened the place up. Then we headed into the master bath. It was also very large, MUCH larger than the full bathroom down the hall. A linen closet was also in the bathroom. And then there it was, a walk-in closet almost as spacious as the master bathroom. It was a beautiful thing to see all that shelfing just waiting for my clothes. I ignored the weird purple stain on the wall in the bedroom and the built-up tar on the ceiling fan when I found another closet in the master. It was much smaller than the walk-in but it would be nice for luggage and coats. Needless to say, the master suite is what sold me. The large 2 car garage and the corner lot were also nice perks. After even more convincing, Jason and I decided to make a bid. And 3 bids later…we got the house! The purchase price was 87% of the asking, right within our budget. We expect, with all of the improvements we have scheduled, the value of the home will be hopefully 130% of what we paid for it by the time Jason is finished with his graduate studies in 5 years. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we know it but I can’t wait. There will definitely be more posts to come, as this will be our lives for the next 4 months. Stay tuned for before and after pictures…

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  1. comment number 1 by: Carolyn

    Welcome to the neighborhood!!! (Found you through google on Abnaki Way). So I’m a little late with welcoming you, but HOWDY.

    -Home on the backside of your place, down the path with the big fence along the path! :)