Working Woman

January 26th, 2008 . by Melissa

I started my first official-out of college-benefited job this week. I am a scheduling clerk for the Purdue Memorial Union, it’s an entry-level position and somewhat of a downgrade in responsibility from my last job but thus far I like it. I get half off in the food court, so I’m content. On my first day I shadowed my 4 months-pregnant manager. She is the only one in the office even remotely close to my age at 27. Despite a lack of common interest, everyone in the office is genuinely nice and very helpful to the new kid on the block. Back to shadowing, one of the meetings I attended with my boss was a wine tasting. My manager (slightly sad the wine tasting wasn’t scheduled for a few months later…5 to be specific) insisted I drink her share of wine. I kept politely turning it down, confusing everyone in the room. I thought everyone knew BYU translates as “Mormon”, which translates as “I don’t drink”… but apparently not, the missionaries are not doing their job out here! (I’m just kidding, in fact I am wearing an i heart missionaries sticker right now…) I thought about blurting I’M PREGNANT OK, to get out of it, but thats the kind of a lie that causes problems, especially in 4 months when I still have a normal looking stomach. I only get 10 paid vacation days and then all paid holidays, so I have to really make the most of my weekends. I thought having a job would be so easy especially since I’m not simultaneously taking 18 credit hours but this 8-5 business pushes me into bed at like 10:30, I have a high schoolers bedtime.

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  1. comment number 1 by: mom

    You will be an incredible asset to your new employer. Half off at the food court…what more could you ask for. Have a great week. Love Me