Holiday World

September 9th, 2013 . by Melissa

Santa Claus (yes-you-heard-me-right), Indiana is home to a wonderful little gem of an amusement park, Holiday World. I’ve been going to Holiday World since I was 3, of course it was much smaller then and didn’t offer free soda yet. I love this place. The ambience, the friendliness, the BLUE ice cream, and the nostalgia. It was such a great experience to share this place with my kiddos. In fact, most of the kid’s rides are the same ones I rode on! And we got to hang out with Jeff, too!



This was me at age 3 living it up at the HW. This ride is still there but it’s the only kiddie ride

we didn’t take the kids on because the line was long.


Lovin’ the Salmon Run.



Not so much for Cadence on the little canoes.


The carousel, always a fan favorite with the Newman children.



Jack and the seahorse.



Who ya gonna call? Please not these two, they are afraid of everything.


We got rained on…a little. :)


Famous Udderly Blue Ice Cream.


They loved it!



Jack saying goodbye to his buddy, Jeff!