Lily Pad Lane

April 25th, 2011 . by Melissa

My mom is opening up a new store in Evansville. It’s called Lily Pad Lane, and  is a consignment shop specializing in children’s and maternity wear. I helped her with some decor and organizing. Here’s the new and improved store!

Easter 2011

April 25th, 2011 . by Melissa

Nature Walk

April 25th, 2011 . by Melissa

We have a trail that leads to a small lake in our neighbor hood. It’s fun to see green start to spring up everywhere.

Jason’s 28th Birthday

April 25th, 2011 . by Melissa

Paris Itinerary

April 21st, 2011 . by Melissa

Our days until Paris are numbered and I thought I’d share our itinerary with you. Many of you have been there before and I want to make sure we aren’t missing anything too important. Keep in mind, we are travelling with a toddler, so we have purposefully left out some museums that don’t seem as worthwhile. But if we are omitting a must-see, please let us know!

Day 1 – Rest after our incredibly long journey. Spend time in Luxembourg Gardens (right by our apartment!), have dinner in Montparnasse area. Take an evening boat tour down the River Seine.

Day 2 – Visit the Rodin Museum. Visit Rue Cler Market. At night, go up in the Eiffel Tower.  (We need another activity on this day, in this area!)

Day 3 – Day trip to Versailles; tour gardens and Marie Antoinette’s quarters. Visit Bon Marche department store.

Day 4 – Tour the Louvre and le Jardin de Tuilleries. Visit the Pompidou Center. Walk the Champs de Elysee at night.

Day 5 – See the Moulin Rouge (we are going in the daylight!), tour the Salvador Dali museum. Visit Sacre Couer. Have dinner in Montmartre. (We need another activity in this arrondisement!)

Day 6 – Tour the Orsay museum. Visit Notre Dame. Visit the Saint Chappelle chapel. Do a walking tour of Ancient Ile St Louis and and Ile de la Cite from Rick Steve’s book.

Day 7 – Travel to Strasbourg. Tour the city.

Day 8 – Still in Strasbourg. Visit great, great, great grandfather’s town of Buhl in Germany.

Day 9 – Travel to Frankfurt. Tour the city.

Day 10 – Travel to Luxembourg and then back to Paris.

Day 11 – Depart back to the states. :(