Today’s Decision: Which Crib?

August 24th, 2009 . by Melissa

Indecisiveness strikes again in the Newman household. With all of the decisions that accompany a new baby, I feel stress similar to that which I felt when we were engaged and having to make seas of  temporally important (but eternally insignificant) decisions. Baby decisions seems to be a bit of both categories. Do we bank his cord, could it cure a disease he might get? Do we give him this name, will it suit him for the rest of his life? Do we buy this monitor, because he might stop breathing, and it might warn us? The decisions are endless! So, we are taking them one at a time. Today’s decision is: which crib to buy and we are enlisting your help. How it’s trite: A crib isn’t really that important, because he will only sleep in it for 2 years and after all a bed is a bed. How it’s significant: Cribs have killed and severely injured babies, we don’t want a death trap. The cribs below are the few that meet our safety standards, with that being said we would like your vote based off of appearance only. Which one wins the beauty contest?

This Week in Review

August 16th, 2009 . by Melissa

On Monday, I pretty much worked on this all evening:



Which is now mostly done!

On Tuesday, our favorite nomad came to see us. And we had a lovely visit!


Wednesday night, Joni came over and we each made one of these:


On Friday, Jason and I went on a date and saw one of my favorite books brought to life on the big screen:


…I liked the book better.

Saturday night, we hung out with the Taylors:

We went


and played:


Overall, it was a great week!

Brittaney and Matt’s Wedding

August 9th, 2009 . by Melissa

One of my close friends from high school, Brittaney, tied the knot in Mt. Vernon this weekend! Half of the town was there, so there was a lot of reuniting! She was a beautiful bride; and the ceremony and reception were awesome!  I wish I would have gotten more pictures.

Attempt Number 2 at Cutting Jason’s Hair

August 9th, 2009 . by Melissa

This time we enlisted the Taylor’s help. Joni has been cutting Chase’s hair forever so she showed me the method to the madness in a joint hair cutting session.