Moving Day

July 10th, 2008 . by Melissa
Day 7. Our plan all along was to slowly migrate our belongings from the apartment to the house each day as we went over to work. In our haste to paint and clean moving was the last thing on our minds. I attempted to pack things up prior to closing assuming something like this would happen but I barely put a dent in such a massive project. Also, painting and cleaning are made much more difficult with mounds of clothes, furniture and kitchenware cluttering the same space.
To make matters worse the couple subleasing our apartment kept calling to see if there was anyway they could move their stuff over earlier because they were leaving for vacation. Unfortunately, Jason accepted, I’m not sure he was fully aware of what they had in mind.
After Jason picked up the U-haul he headed to Sears for our new washer and dryer. They helped him load and then he was off to the other side of the parking lot for our fridge from HH Gregg. Once he had the appliances he came back to the apartment where I was desperately trying to clear the two rooms he had promised our subleasees for storage. I began helping him load the truck with larger items; shelves, tables, etc….at about 5:00 when I’m back out to the truck for yet another round of loading I notice another moving truck parked along side the road with ours…wait it’s only 5. And yes of course, the people moving into our apartment are 2 hours earlier than what was agreed upon; all ready to unload their belongings. I was pretty upset… that’s an understatement.
So we worked fervently to empty out our quarters, my angst ceased some when the couple offered their assistance, which for the girl meant talking on her cell phone over by her car while she watched us work. We were finally ready to take load one over to the house. A neighbor came out and helped Jason with the appliances and the larger items. The washer and dryer ALMOST didn’t fit in our laundry room…don’t listen to Sears when they say everything is the same standard size. Then back to the apartment for load 2.
After the couches were in I excused myself to go to my yoga class. I debated not going, I hated to leave Jason with so much work to do. BUT each class is 10 dollars and it prepaid for and I really needed some inner solace with all the stress our house and moving put on me. When I came back 4 rooms were filled with the subleasee’s belongings.
So much for cleaning the apartment…not that I really wanted to wash the carpets anyway. All that was left was to do, clean the bathroom and the kitchen. Most of our good cleaning supplies (Magic Eraser, vacuum, Kaboom) were left at the house so I had to make do with Lysol disinfectant and warm water. It was definitely not Martha Stewart quality.
I finished at about 11:30. Came home and did a load of laundry and put away the dishes. We made our bed in the living room at 1:30, the latest I’ve been up in a long time. That concludes day seven, the first night we spent in our new home.
(I should note, only because I am printing our blog off and calling it our journal for our posterity, Jason and I are very much individuals during moving and home improvement. We disagree on a lot of things because we both the we know what’s best and have really big opinions. I.e. I like to pack before, he doesn’t like things in boxes. I think the lawn is a bigger priority than rehanging an interior door. It’s really important to me to get the carpet at 20% off…and so I’ll be glad when all the big decisions are finally made.)

Our Endless Numbered Days

July 9th, 2008 . by Melissa
Day 1. Today we closed on the house which took all of 30 minutes. Both the closing agent and our realtor noted it was their fastest closing ever…hmm maybe we should have asked more questions. After closing Jason dropped me off at work (I was on my lunch break) and then went straight to the house. Immediately he began changing out the locks on the front door, back door, and interior garage door. We got the super expensive ones that can sustain upto 5 full body blows from a 250 lb. man, so I feel extra safe. He also fixed the missing shingles on the roof to prevent future leakage. I arrived at about 5:30 prepared with a cooler, ice cold beverages, and a 5 dollar foot long. We imediately went to speak with our neighbor down the street about buying their lawnmower. After, Jason continued working on the roof. I began walking around the place, deciphering what to do first. There were spiders EVERYWHERE. Every corner of the house had cobwebs and at least one living thing stuck in it, some featured prey and huntress. At one point I sat down on the cooler and started to cry. I had no idea that I hated spiders this much but I really do. After my brief moment of despair I decided to suck it up…literally. I grabbed the vacuum and the extender hose and with a big viking’s warrior grunt I shoved the tool into each corner of living room sucking up all that I could find. After the living room I managed the dining room, and then the kitchen, and then the master, so on and so on. I began cleaning the hair, dust, and soda spills off of the baseboards. I felt much better with my weapon of mass sucking next to me. During my war with the 8 legged freaks Jason began transplanting our lovely tomato plants from tupperware container to garden bed. The garden bed was consumed by weeds but after a lot of pulling and hoeing we were able to clear space for the good stuff. The rosemary was next to be put in and then the cilantro (which is doing quite well might I add). Next year we want to have a large garden in the backyard but with the summer being half over we decided the front of the house would be fine for now. And that was the first day.
Day 2. Somehow we were already sore and already tired of home repairs. It was a late start on Friday, the morning of the 4th of July. After much needed cinnamon rolls we headed back over to the home…well it’s not quite that yet, the house that we will own in 30 years, and maybe by then it could be considered a home. We began the day by pulling up carpet in the master. It was hideous underneath. Many stains had soak through to the padding and the smoke smell worsened as the padding was revealed. We decided it would be in our best interest to move the padding as soon as possible to relieve the smell. We pulled out every staple in the floor, it took about an hour and created a blister or two. After that, I needed a break and headed to Menard’s for some bug killer, an air filter, and a hose. Jason stayed behind to rehang the door to the laundry/mud room. I became disgusted at Menard’s when I realized I still wasn’t breathing fresh air, the smoke smell must have been caught in my throat after all the uncarpeting. I then devised a theory that I was actually getting second hand smoke carcinogens from the former carpet, the house was already taking off years of my life. When I arrived home I happily sprayed the perimeter of the house with my bug killer getup. I had a spray gun and felt fully equipped, very similar to my moment the day before with the vacuum attachment. After I tackled the perimeter I went straight for the bedrooms. And then the rest of the house. The fumes reeked and I probably wasn’t suppose to be breathing it in at all but my fresh air capabilities had already been ruined for the day anyway. I cleaned the kitchen sink out and vacuumed the living and dining room floors. We stopped after 5 hours of work to join our friends in 4th of July festivities, fun was definitely a need at this point. Fireworks concluded day two.
Day 3. Today was a good day…I started noticing progress. We bought primer at Menards that seals in odor on walls. It was a pretty penny but it definitely was necessary in the master or should I say smokehouse. We were able to paint the ceiling and walls of master in about 2 hours. It was extremely difficult for Jason to paint the ceiling because it is vaulted and textured. Paint would rain from the ceiling if it was applied to the roller too thick, Jason had paint all over his face and in his hair. Every time a heap off paint would fall to the plywood below we’d say, “there goes 50 cents.” At one paint Jason looked at me and noticed a speck of paint on my eye. I couldn’t figure out why my eye wasn’t burning or at least irritated by the harsh chemicals in the paint. That’s when I realized the paint speck had dried to my contact. Unfortunately, I was on my last pair of contacts and so did my best to wash off the paint with saline. One the primer job was completed we met the Hillams at Sherwin William’s to buy 20 gallons of paint. Jeff is painting guru and thus knew all about what kinds of paint to get, and what supplies work the best. After 30 minutes of choosing and then another 50 minutes of paint mixing and color matching we had 312 dollars worth of paint. After our priming experience earlier that day we decided we were in over our heads and with paint on our heads. We invited the Hillams and the Taylor’s over for a painting party! We had pizza, soda, and…paint. The Taylors worked on the details, Alisha and I worked with the rollers, and Jason and Jeff did taping, caulking, etc. And then we switched around a little bit. We completed the dining room, the living room, and the master bedroom. It was so helpful! It would have taken us at least a day to do each of these rooms. And it was nice having the company while we worked, I got to know everyone a little bit better on day three.

Day 4. Today is the Sabbath so we didn’t want to do much with the house. I worked on taping and painting the trim in the living room. We also prepped the ceilings downstairs for paint. We did a little bit of cleaning as well. My mom and grandma came to visit and arrived at 7 p.m. We took them on a tour of our semi-finished house. It was good to have them on the tour, the women in my family have an acute sense of smell and they were particularly helpful to assist me in the areas that still smelled of smoke. This concludes day four.

Day 5. I finished the trim in the dining room and began taping the dining room ceiling. Jason took down all of the lighting fixtures and I cleaned them really well, it was probably the first time they had been cleaned since the house was built in 2002. They instantly looked better. Jason completed the ceiling in the dining room at record speed. We had to end early, my mom and grandma were still in town and wanted to eat out at Texas Roadhouse. We ended day five by relaxing in the hot tub at their hotel, it was just what our worked muscles needed.

Day 6. We start getting serious about our move. We need to be out of our apartment by Thursday but the people subleasing from us need to move their stuff in on Wednesday. We began piling things in my car until it looked similar to it’s stuffed status back in January when we first moved from Utah to Indiana. Jason decided to ride his bike over to the house as a means of transporting it there so I arrived earlier and was able to get everything out of my car and into the garage. I began prepping the living room ceilings by taping the top of the walls and then doing the detail work. When Jason finally rolled in we decided it was time to mow our foot high grass. It took him about an hour because of the height and also the size of our yard. I am sure the neighbors appreciated his efforts though. Jason then painted the ceiling in the dining room and then in the master. I worked on cleaning the kitchen to get it ready for our dishes. The cupboards look like they have never been used. It’s amazing. The kitchen was relatively easy to tackle, I don’t think the former occupants cooked very often. At least not seriously, there are some pizza droppings in the oven. We put the nicely cleaned light fixtures back in the living room and that concludes day six.

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