July 30th, 2008 . by Melissa

So there have been a few complaints that we don’t put enough pictures on our blog and I definitely have to agree. Now that I’ve finally found my camera the whole picture thing should be alot easier. Here are some random pics from our very ordinary lives.We don\'t have pets, but we do have a robot vacuum named Roomie. He unfortunately got sick. This is Jason playing doctor.Roomie exposed!! He didn\'t make it....:(

One morning I woke up and Jason had shaved his own head with his beard trimmer late the night before. This is the result, not bad.

Jason working the chair rail.

Jason working the chair rail.

Our newly finished living room. All that's left is to hang our art.

Our newly finished living room. All that's left is to hang our art.

Super Dad!

July 29th, 2008 . by Melissa

Our house is coming along…in that you can finally tell we are making progress. We have one room out of 7 completely finished; the living room. It looks really nice, it came together even better than I expected. Long term we plan to add crown molding and wood floors but as of now this is the finished product. My dad came up on Sunday night to help us with the repairs. Although Jason is doing a WONDERFUL job with all of the repairs, painting, and upgrades it takes him a little bit longer to figure things out because he doesn’t have experience on his side. My dad, however, having been a handy man for so many decades definitely has the upper hand and we’re glad he was willing to lend us his labor during his week of vacation…some vacation right? I have the little girl complex still, where I think my dad can fix anything and everything. Fortunately enough he has proved me right, he has been able to fix everything we’ve needed him to. We’ve had a horrible leaky sink for the last month and it had gotten so bad it was at the point of unusable. I had to clean off our dishes in the half bathroom sink and with our dishwasher also down the plates and bowls were beginning to form large towers over the counter. Jason tried his best to fix the leak but after 3 hours of hard labor and nothing in return he gave up in frustration. My dad, was able to fix the leaky sink and once again I was able to do dishes (bleh…but they seriously needed to be done, the Department of Health Services probably had a lead on us.) The next problem, the motor on our furnace was being held together by a nice Craftsmen wrench. My dad and Jason working hard together were able to cut a piece from a metal spatula purchased at the Goodwill and attach it onto the motor relinquishing the wrench from its inapt role. Also, Dad was able to bring up his new table saw to cut our chair rail pieces for the dining room. Although the rail has not been nailed to the wall yet, it looks fantastic! Hopefully, when I get back from work today it will be complete! So this was all done in the first full day of my Dad’s visit, we are definitely making much better progress with his help. I finally found my camera in an unpacked moving box so I will post our rooms as they become complete.

Our newly finished living room. All that's left is to hang our art.

Our newly finished living room. All that's left is to hang our art.

Missing Utah

July 28th, 2008 . by Melissa

In mid July we left our new home in Indiana for a Utah vacation. Jason’s family has a tradition of going to Lake Powell (on the border of Arizona and Utah) each summer in July. It’s always a great time of games and relaxation. We flew into Utah on the morning of Friday, July 11. Total travelling time was about 5 hours. Once we arrived and had our embraces we got to work loading Jason’s family’s boat with all the supplies needed for the 6 day Lake Powell trip. And after a slight detour to Café Rio we were on the road…for another 7 hours. By the time we reached the lake and made the traditional stop at Safe Way, Jase and I were completely and utterly exhausted. We had added a total of 3 hours on to our already long day by crossing three time zones, it was time for much needed sleep. We slept on the roof of the houseboat, under the stars. The next morning we set sail, or afloat…

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July 27th, 2008 . by Jason

There are many reasons I love being married to Melissa, and one of them is that she can be quite the comedian. This evening I walked into the kitchen as she was scrounging for who knows what, when I mentioned that I wanted to go get some milk from the grocery store. She insisted that we didn’t need any milk and that we could get some on Monday. I said that was really wanting some chocolate milk, especially since in the last weeks I’ve had more than my fair share of soda and I am trying to wean myself off of it. Again she insisted that we didn’t need any and that I shouldn’t bother going to go get some. So began to admit defeat and popped open another can of soda to drink as she mentioned that she couldn’t make what she wanted to make for dinner because……… we didn’t have any milk! I took a bow with my soda in hand and claimed a surprise victory.

At this very moment there is a nice cold gallon of milk in the refrigerator.

Cooking in the Bathroom

July 23rd, 2008 . by Jason

I asked Melissa if I could take a picture of her, but she refused saying that it would be inappropriate.

Among the many tasks on our ‘todo list’ is to fix the leaking kitchen faucet. Normally we would be able to take care of such a task immediately; however, the leaky faucet has quickly fallen to the bottom of the todo list.

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I Failed my Eye Exam

July 10th, 2008 . by Melissa
As I wrote on day 3 a speck of paint stuck itself to my contact. I was able to remove most of the paint by soaking the contact with saline but some debris must have remained as my eye was constantly being irriated for following 2 days. I was without a contact supply, had no idea where my prescription was and decided despite the bad timing to call the eye doctor. There were able to get me in within a few days. I had my appointment yesterday and was grateful to be the one leaving work early for a change. First, the doctor had me take all of the routine tests with my contacts in. Even with correction I couldn’t read the bottom line. Then…and this was a little awkward for having just met the man…he took out my contacts. That’s right, he took them out for me, I mean I could have taken them out myself…I’m not five. Oh well, then I took the test without correction. Haha, I could maybe read the 3rd line below the big E…I hate how they don’t tell you if you’ve guessed the right letter. I kept getting my S’s and Z’s and O’s and C’s mixed up. Then we went onto, “Is this one better, or is this one better.” And I started panicking because I could not tell a difference anymore, everything was blurry. I kept stalling and ugh-ing, my hands began to sweat. He had to give me the test twice, I failed my eye exam! The diagnosis: my prescription needed to be increased meaning my near sightedness is getting worse, my astigmatism hasn’t increased, and my left eye apparently can’t breathe. He insisted I order these super expensive (for anyone who knows contacts, they were $38 a box) highly permeable contact lenses with special solution. Luckily, Purdue has incredible vision insurance and I only paid $35 for a year supply, plus my exam was free. Anyway, that was the eye doctor in a nut shell!

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