Headboard Photo Essay

April 10th, 2008 . by Melissa

Step 1. We began with a single piece of glued pine board, a very large, heavy piece.

Step 2. We selected premium pine for the trim. No seriously, we didn’t even have to sand it, it was as smooth as Brad Pitt.

Step 3. Jase measures the trim against the pine board and prepares to cut.

Step 4. Jason begins to hack away at the innocent pine with his new table saw. As you can see, his working conditions were perfectly safe.

Step 5. The newly cut trim is laid out on the pine board.

Step 6. The trim is then glued in it’s proper place.

Step 7. And then nailed…

Step 8. Then we nailed some more. And the process of spackling began to hide the evidence of hammer torture. And I say we (although you have only been seeing man-hands in these pics) because I was a big deal with the whole spackling trade.

Step 9. And then we sanded. And then we sanded some more, and then some more, and then some more.

Step 10. Finally to the paint!! We were a little non-committal with what paint tool to use. And NO that is not paint on the carpet…it is white saw dust from all of our sanding!

Step 11. The one legged headboard. The other is waiting to be just as screwed [in].

Step 12. Finally a little support.

Step 13. And the end result. A nice new hand-crafted headboard. This is what we do in Indiana for fun…make furniture like the Amish.

The Future

April 8th, 2008 . by Melissa

Although we are in no hurry to get there, Jason and I often consider our wonderful future together. This happens a lot on Sundays at church with all of the cute families gathered around us, our 3 year old neighbors and their fun games of peek-a-boo over the pew. Yes, on Sundays we often speculate what joy our own little ones will bring us and wonder if our success at peek-a-boo will mean success in parenthood. But on Fridays…Well, last Friday Jase and I decided to hit up the ward party eager to mingle with our fellow ward members, possibly make a few new lifelong friendships. Jason had a bad feeling, but that was overpowered by my own eagerness to socialize. From the moment we walked into the stake center we were hit with the aura of children. No, not the stinky diaper aura, rather the story book themed, paper hat wearing, duck-duck goose aura. And when we walked into the cultural hall Jason’s bad feeling was confirmed, it was not a ward party but rather a primary activity with parents. We literally went in one yellow crepe papered door and out the other. Someday we will fit in that way, someday in our wonderful future.newmanfam1.jpg