Working Woman

January 26th, 2008 . by Melissa

I started my first official-out of college-benefited job this week. I am a scheduling clerk for the Purdue Memorial Union, it’s an entry-level position and somewhat of a downgrade in responsibility from my last job but thus far I like it. I get half off in the food court, so I’m content. On my first day I shadowed my 4 months-pregnant manager. She is the only one in the office even remotely close to my age at 27. Despite a lack of common interest, everyone in the office is genuinely nice and very helpful to the new kid on the block. Back to shadowing, one of the meetings I attended with my boss was a wine tasting. My manager (slightly sad the wine tasting wasn’t scheduled for a few months later…5 to be specific) insisted I drink her share of wine. I kept politely turning it down, confusing everyone in the room. I thought everyone knew BYU translates as “Mormon”, which translates as “I don’t drink”… but apparently not, the missionaries are not doing their job out here! (I’m just kidding, in fact I am wearing an i heart missionaries sticker right now…) I thought about blurting I’M PREGNANT OK, to get out of it, but thats the kind of a lie that causes problems, especially in 4 months when I still have a normal looking stomach. I only get 10 paid vacation days and then all paid holidays, so I have to really make the most of my weekends. I thought having a job would be so easy especially since I’m not simultaneously taking 18 credit hours but this 8-5 business pushes me into bed at like 10:30, I have a high schoolers bedtime.

The Workplace

The North Pole

January 25th, 2008 . by Jason

Ever since living in Africa I have not been much a fan of the cold. I used to say that winter was my favorite season. Now I would have to take it back. I still do love winter, but take away the mountains and the snow and there really is not much to like. Welcome to Indiana, the land of no mountains or snow. The last week the high temperatures have been in the teens and lows below zero. It is ridiculous. Today I finally wizened up and wore a beanie along with my ski jacket to school (its always windy here some my other coat does nothing to keep me warm.

All of this have made me come to the realization that I do not do cold and want to escape it as soon as possible. This means that I will be somewhat limited in where we go after graduate school. On the list so far are southern California, but with the snow LA has been getting I’m no longer sure about it, Florida, but who wants to deal with hurricanes, or Hawaii. Hawaii is the leader right now for obvious reasons such as beautiful weather and everyone would love to come and visit.

Realistically speaking though anywhere is a possibility.

Our Future Home

Welcome to Indiana

January 12th, 2008 . by Melissa

We are finally here in West Lafayette. It has been 8 days since we forsook our cold, wintery, and altogether happy life in Utah. No, it did not take us 8 days to get here (all though it felt like it at the time), we just haven’t really had a chance to write yet. I’d like it to say it is because we’ve been oh so busy, but that would be a complete lie. Life is somewhat slow in northern-ish Indiana, not that it was so fast paced in Utah but comparatively. Jason began his first week as a graduate student. He is only taking two classes, no he’s not a bum, they only let grads take 2 classes apparently. Looks like we will be here forever. He didn’t have much class this week, one of his two professors couldn’t make it to lecture because he was off skiing in (where else?) Utah, I think Jason was slightly jealous. As for me…well these past few weeks I have been calling myself a homemaker and I have decided that homemaking is kind of a cop-out if you don’t have kids. It is also very uninteresting. Luckily, I was offered a job at the Purdue Memorial Union. I have another interview on Monday for a slightly more amiable position in the conference center so we will see where I actually end up. I have mourned the loss of Robert’s, my favorite shop stop, and tried to replace the hole in my heart with a new craft store, Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately the price tags burn a whole in my pocket without that 40% off coupon. Our new apartment is definitely an upgrade from our previous on-campus married student housing get-up, at least in someways. While we only had 6 cable channels at BYU it was better than only one local channel (and to make it worse, CBS.) The iMac has been permanently positioned in front of our bed, we have become much more avid watchers of Heroes thanks to the full episodes on We have a dishwasher, and I am seriously contemplating writing the ancestors of the man who invented such a wonderful device a whole-hearted thank you letter. Our marriage is in a much better place thanks to him. I think that is all for now, we will keep you updated and hopefully post pictures of our new apartment, when we get some furniture.