ChrismaCruise Days 10-11

January 10th, 2013 . by Melissa

Day 10 – We said our goodbyes to the Carnival Liberty and then jumped in the car and drove 3.5 hours from Miami to Orlando. That evening everyone else went to see Les Mis, while we (and Jason’s mom) took the kids to Downtown Disney. It was insanely crowded and there was basically no parking. However, we managed to find our way to the Lego store and Jack was in heaven. Grandma let him pick out one thing at the store. He went RIGHT to this Cars set and wouldn’t let go of the box.

DSC_0221 DSC_0229 DSC_0214 DSC_0198 DSC_0196

Day 11 – Let me preface this blurb by saying: I have never read the Harry Potter Series. I have never seen the movies (though I have seen the previews!)  Today we visited Harry Potter Land, excuse me, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And though I was stuck right in the middle of an inside joke that I wasn’t in on, it was still very cool! Universal did a great job of theming the place with the shops and rides. Everything looked awesome and was really well done. Trent was picked by Olivander (did I spell that right?) to be matched up with his perfect wand. This is a really big deal to Harry Potter fans.  The only downside, the whole park was packed with people. At moments you couldn’t move down the walkways because there were people jams, sometimes lasting 3 minutes or more. There were 15 minute lines to go the bathroom. Sheesh!

DSC_0248 IMG_0275 IMG_0318 IMG_0319 IMG_0320 IMG_1111

Day 12 – On our last day of vacation we slept in, ate a big breakfast, played mini-golf and then said our goodbyes. The goodbyes were really sad.


We had so much fun spending good quality time with family!!!!

Walkin’ in Memphis

July 19th, 2011 . by Melissa
This past weekend we traveled to Memphis, Tennessee. You may ask, “why on earth would they go to Memphis, what is there?”
Well, these beautiful people, folks:
{{OKAY, so I wanted to put a group photo here from our trip and then I realized that we never took one!! I hope someone else got one!}}
Meet the Smiths and the Eberts. You don’t see them on our blog very often because we live very far away from them.  Matt Smith and Jeff Ebert are childhood friends of Jason’s. They all grew up in Sandy, Utah together. The Smith’s moved to Austin, Texas 6 months ago for a job at Dell and the Ebert’s moved to Lexington, Kentucky 2 months ago for law school. So, naturally we began to plan a road trip. The halfway point between Texas and Indiana was Memphis, Tennessee (okay, so actually it was somewhere random in Arkansas, but that sounded like zero fun).
We left on Thursday afternoon and made a pit stop in Mt. Vernon for a brief visit with my family. We woke up early Friday morning and continued another 5 hours to Memphis (after some delicious Dairy Queen biscuits and gravy).   

After a joyous reunion we checked into the hotel and then headed to the National Civil Rights Museum. First, we needed food and ate at this bluesy-cafe-bar place. The food wasn’t so great…then again, we didn’t try their specialty: Alligator bites.

Patriotic Jack


Lazy Jack


Jack waiting for his southern cookin'


Jenn, Jeff, and Jack.


Jack and me, with MLKs assassination spot in the background.


The Smith's and the Ebert's outside the National Civil Rights Museum.

We also walked along the famous Beale Street and had dinner at BB Kings. BB Kings was amazing on all accounts. The ribs were the best I ever had and the entertainment was fabulous. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos from there and might have to steal some from Andrea later.  We were all exhausted from a long day of walking and driving. We headed to our hotel pool and enjoyed a very luke warm (not-so-hot) tub and then retired early.

Onto to day 2!

We woke up early-ish and walked to the highly recommended Blue Plate Diner. The food was amazing!

Matt trying to climb a sculpture. There's our hotel in the background!

 Then we headed over to Mud Island Park. Andrea and I rode the monorail over the Mississippi River, while everyone else walked (they walked on a bridge, not on water!). The temperatures were scorching at 94 degrees with 76% humidity.

Me and Jack resting from the heat.


The Newmans!


The Eberts!


They had a scale model of the Mississippi River at Mud Island, it was really neat to see and to cool off in! 
Jeff damming the mini-Mississippi, Paul Bunyan style.

Jack playing in the mini-Mississippi.

Dipping my feet in the mini-Mississippi.

Jack and Me: Indiana born and bred!

Matt, Jase, and Jeff: The Utah Boys.

Jeff and Jack with their respective states.

 After our Mud Island adventure we went back to Beale Street for lunch. The guys saw this special on the Food Network about Dyer’s. Here’s the clip:

I was afraid of having a heart attack by just being at Dyer's.

Nap break!

Dyer's: Home of the deep fried hamburger!

After we scarfed down our greasy lunch we headed to Gibson Guitar Factory for a tour. Jack was too young to go (lots of fumes) so I stayed back with him. I visited Memphis my senior year with my high school’s art guild, so I’d already been on the tour. It sounded like everyone really liked it and thought it was interesting!

Jase and Jack at the Gibson Guitar Factory.

Then we headed to the famous Peabody Hotel to watch 4 little ducks walk from their fountain to an elevator on a red carpet. It was amazing that so many people had gathered (about 200) to watch these ducks. I guess it’s a tradition! Finally, we ate dinner at a small pizza joint and then headed back to the hotel. We played an entire game of Phase 10…yes, that’s right we made it to phase 10…well, some of us made it to phase 10, others weren’t so lucky. We stayed up until midnight and then got some rest for the long drives ahead of us.

Jack wearing Jeff's hat.

We had breakfast together in the morning and then headed our separate ways. We had such a blast! We can’t wait for another friends-cation next year. Hopefully in Florida and with the whole group!

Jack enjoying pancakes from the Blue Plate Cafe. It was so good we ate there two mornings in a row!

Day Ten

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Day Nine

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