A Rebuttal About Books

August 22nd, 2008 . by Jason

For real book lovers check out: “Building Bookshelves”

I will not deny that you two definitely have more books than the average college student couple. I would; however, offer a rebuttal to your claims that your friends don’t have books. Mainly because I like the word rebuttal and in order to use the word rebuttal I must offer a rebuttal. I may even throw in a dash of grammar mistakes just for fun :) There always fun to right especially knowing Melissas embarrassment when she finds out I did this.

I like to read books and even made an unusual number of trips to the library when I was younger, you should have seen the excitement on my face when I got my first library card. While in college, and without an office, I would spend all of my time between classes in the library. On my mission I had one cardboard box full of clothes and another equally sized cardboard box full of books. During an unplanned stay at the Mission President’s house I read several books while the other missionaries did who knows what.

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August 21st, 2008 . by Jason

We haven’t had carpet upstairs for the last month or so and it has been driving Melissa crazy. I on the other hand I kinda prefer it as it makes the upstairs feel more rugged or something like that. Anyways, I’ve been keeping a little secret from her the last week about the carpet. I failed to mention to her that it was being installed today. It has been rather fun to see her vent about how long it has been taking to get the carpet installed and me agreeing saying that I’ll have to let them have it.

I look forward to seeing her face when she gets home from work and sees the carpet. Or maybe she’ll read this online and let out a yell of disgust like when she was reading Breaking Dawn and found out that Jacob had imprinted on Bella’s daughter.

Mystery Stench…Revealed!

August 21st, 2008 . by Melissa

We’ve had a difficult time with our lovely, large and altogether nice-ish master bath. For whatever reason there is an odor that we can’t quite put our finger on (if you could touch odor), and we can’t seem to find the source of. At first we thought it was the walls of the bathroom. The people before us were heavy smokers and we had to work especially hard in the master bedroom to eliminate all of the nicotine smell from the walls. And while this smell had a different tang we thought we would try the same method of removal we used in the bedroom in the bathroom since we had such great success. We painted the walls with our special odor sealing primer. And then followed that up by a coat of Jujubi (I love paint color names, it’s a barnish red). I smelled the walls once they were completely dry and discovered a faint trace of the mystery stink.

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Hair Today…Gone Tomorrow

August 13th, 2008 . by Melissa

Jason has become the next Paul Mitchell. For the past few months he has used his beard trimmer to buzz his hair and I’m not talking facial hair (that would be too practical), but rather his handsome, thick, bronze/gold hair-hair. (See pictures in the “Pictures” post below to witness his beautiful work.) In my opinion this takes a lot of talent, especially to get the back of the head and the nape of the neck. At first I was worried and shocked and tried to convince him to pay the $10 to Fantastic Sams. But, let’s face it, he was probably doing a better job than they would. Last night, as we were watching the Olympics, Jase decided it was time for a trim. He began by buzzing off the top part of his hair. He left it that way for a while which was quite humorous, he looked like he had an inverted mohawk or was faking a bald spot. Once the women’s gymnastics team finals were over I headed to bed and Jase headed back to the 1/2 bath to finish what he started. 10 minutes later, as I am flirting with sleep, I hear a loud cry come from downstairs. I immediately assumed he had cut himself or had mowed an eyebrow off on accident. He didn’t leave me in suspense for too long. He came running up the stairs. I looked at him; no blood, eyebrows intact. And then I looked closer. At the front of his head, near his slight widow’s peak was a small patch of skin much, MUCH, shorter than the rest of his already buzzed head. I couldn’t help but laugh, and then I became the loving wife by asking him how it happened. Apparently, inter-buzz he was playing with the various settings on his beard trimmer. While he thought he had returned back to his previous setting he had in fact selected one much shorter. We probably won’t go out much in public for the next few weeks. Stay posted, I hope to get a snap shot of the catastrophe tonight when he’s not looking.

Home Improvement does not equal Health Improvement

August 13th, 2008 . by Melissa

It was bound to happen. After a month of trying to dodge the obstacles, it was bound to happen. On Monday, I was trying to help Jason eradicate the horrible, sickeningly sweet smell in the bathroom…I am starting to think there is a dead body in the attic. I ran from the mast bath to the bedroom for a tool when it happened…”AHHHHHHH!!!” I screamed loudly. And then I was quiet for a few moments before I called out JA-son! He ran over to me and followed my gaze to the heel of my left foot. Lodged deep in the back part of my unprotected sole was a carpet staple, about an 1/2 inch wide, so deep that the metal piece connecting the legs of the staple was putting pressure on my skin. Jason, before he even had a chance to blink again, ripped out the staple with full force. Blood began to gush from the wound and I thought to myself, “I’m glad there aren’t any vegetarian vampires around.” Jason bandaged me up with blue painters tape so that I would not bleed on the carpet downstairs as I made my way to the medical supplies in the half bath. I was a little sore yesterday, which caused me to walk slightly off balance, and my heel looks like it was preyed upon by a snake. But as I said, it was bound to happen, after being carpetless upstairs for the last month, I’m just glad it’s only happened once.


August 11th, 2008 . by Melissa

Although I was raised in Indiana my whole life, although I took driver’s ed in an Indiana classroom, although I got my first drivers license in Indiana, and had it renewed just less than a year and a half ago, and although I got my first and only driving ticket in Indiana I will be forced to take the driver’s test again in order to have an Indiana’s drivers license…again.
After I got married and had my name officially changed I thought I would be extremely responsible and go to the BMV in Utah for a new photo i.d. with the new Newman name. I had to take a test for them of course to prove that I knew what to do on mountainous slopes, in treacherous snow storms, and low lying inversion. Makes sense to me. Different terrain, different driving. Luckily, I only had to take the written test. And even more convienent, I was allowed to use my Utah Drivers Manual as a reference. Piece of cake.
Well, I had this idea in my head that getting back my Indiana driver’s license would be even EASIER. For all of the reasons stated at the beginning of this post; plus I’m a HOOSIER, I bleed red…well everyone bleeds red but you know what I mean.
It turns out that the Indiana BMV really just wants to be a pain in my neck. Here is the list of what I need to do to get a driver’s license in this fine, lush state:
Bring in my birth certificate.
Bring in my marriage license.
Bring in my passport.
Bring in a bill with proof of residence.
Bring in my Utah license.
Pay $25.
And then I have to take the written exam.
I can only get 3 signs wrong (that hasn’t changed in the last 6 years.)
I can only get 10 wrong for the multiple choice.
And to top it off it’s not even open book!
And of course, they are only open 8-5, which means I get to waste a lunch break on all of this.

So, I will definitely feel 16 again as in my spare time I will be highlighting important information such as; green means go, yellow means yield, red means stop. At least I have Jason with me along for the ride this time. We’ll have to have study dates.

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