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January 4th, 2010 . by Melissa


January 16th, 2009 . by Jason

Further affirmation that we are moving somewhere tropical when I graduate.

Where I Live

December 20th, 2008 . by Jason

For at least 8 hours of my waking hours every day I live not in my house, but at school. I figure it is about time that I posted some pictures of where I live.

View from my building of the fountain

View from my building of the fountain

Front View of the EE building

Front View of the EE building

Side of EE Building

Side of EE Building

If you live somewhere cold you gotta have walkways between buildings

If you live somewhere cold you gotta have walkways between buildings

Exams and Me

August 20th, 2008 . by Jason

All summer long I have been dreading taking the Qualifying Exam. The Qualifying Exam is offered once a year and is considered to be the Iron Gates through which all EE graduate students must pass. The lucky make it through alive on their first attempt, while others succeed at their second. The rest, well, they are cast into the fiery furnaces of entering the workforce.

Technically speaking, you are only required to take the test after completing two academic school year semesters as a graduate student. Having entered in January I only had one under me, so taking the exam was not a requirement for me and realistically I am not even qualified to take the Qualifying Exam. Upon my arrival at Purdue everyone I talked to said that I should just try it anyways, as if taking a four hour exam is like a walk in the park. The exam consists of up to four questions from each of the eight areas of EE offered at Purdue. In the exam you need to answer two questions from your area of study and then pick any other two questions. My field of study, Fields and Optics, had only three questions so I easily decided to take those and then figured that I know enough about computer engineering to be able to answer a question from that set. I spent all summer studying for this exam and the dreaded day arrived.

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Clint Meets Grand Prix

May 5th, 2008 . by Melissa

Working Woman

January 26th, 2008 . by Melissa

I started my first official-out of college-benefited job this week. I am a scheduling clerk for the Purdue Memorial Union, it’s an entry-level position and somewhat of a downgrade in responsibility from my last job but thus far I like it. I get half off in the food court, so I’m content. On my first day I shadowed my 4 months-pregnant manager. She is the only one in the office even remotely close to my age at 27. Despite a lack of common interest, everyone in the office is genuinely nice and very helpful to the new kid on the block. Back to shadowing, one of the meetings I attended with my boss was a wine tasting. My manager (slightly sad the wine tasting wasn’t scheduled for a few months later…5 to be specific) insisted I drink her share of wine. I kept politely turning it down, confusing everyone in the room. I thought everyone knew BYU translates as “Mormon”, which translates as “I don’t drink”… but apparently not, the missionaries are not doing their job out here! (I’m just kidding, in fact I am wearing an i heart missionaries sticker right now…) I thought about blurting I’M PREGNANT OK, to get out of it, but thats the kind of a lie that causes problems, especially in 4 months when I still have a normal looking stomach. I only get 10 paid vacation days and then all paid holidays, so I have to really make the most of my weekends. I thought having a job would be so easy especially since I’m not simultaneously taking 18 credit hours but this 8-5 business pushes me into bed at like 10:30, I have a high schoolers bedtime.

The Workplace

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