Birthday Suit

December 5th, 2010 . by Melissa

My mom got Jack this adorable suit for his birthday. Here are a few pics of him all ready for church.

A Fabulous Find

December 1st, 2010 . by Melissa

Those of you who know me well, know I love a good deal. What can I say? I am my father’s daughter. So when Joni invited me to visit the Surplus-Salvage Warehouse with her in Lafayette,  I was thrilled to go. For some reason, retail giants have distorted the meaning of “warehouse” for me. When I hear “warehouse,” I think of a glorified pole barn with cement floors and consumer products stacked from the floor to ceiling on wooden pallets. But in the case of Surplus Salvage, “warehouse” really means a condemned factory building built in the 1920’s with rotten floorboards and  moldy walls. While it wasn’t much to look at or to breathe in, there were great bargains to be found everywhere. I restrained myself, I committed to only buying what I needed. And of course, I didn’t really need anything. Sigh. I sifted through everything anyway, because surely in the 10,000 square feet of yard-sale rejects, I would find a need! But I didn’t…until I visited the Toy Land area…for the second time. There it was, up high on a shelf, the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Home. GASP! This is the toy I so desperately wanted to get for Jack for his birthday. Unfortunately, it retails for $90 and that far exceeds my toy spending budget. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn is an entire line of toys that cartoonizes everyday household items, e.g. the Learning Kitchen, which I bought for Jack’s birthday instead for a modest $30. The kitchen sinks sings to you! If that doesn’t make you want to do dishes, I don’t know what will. Anywho, I fell in love with this line the second my dad introduced Jack to the Learning Recliner. When I discovered there was an entire home from Laugh and Learn (over 5 times the learning and fun!), I immediately wanted it…for Jack, of course. Alright, back to the grimy, old warehouse. I immediately assessed that this toy was a NEED. And I quickly determined my highest bargaining offer, $30. I would absolutely  go no higher than $30! The bargaineer (yes, I totally made that word up) found his way to me and my little learning home. I asked him the pivotal question: “How much do you want for this?” I had my best poker face on, I couldn’t let him see how badly I wanted it! A few more moments of silence….. “Uhhhhhm, I’ll give it to you for $3.”  THREE dollars!?!? Poker face gone. What a steal! I happily paid the man my three dollars and took my, I mean Jack’s, little Learning Home and went on my merry way. When I got back home, I appraised the toy. There was a bit more damage than I had realized. The door was practically off its hinges. The water spout had separated from itself. It had bits of cobwebs and food chunks clinging to the plastic. And unfortunately the batteries had completely corroded, oozing rusty acid all over the battery chamber. While Jack napped, I quietly worked like an little elf in Santa’s workshop. Cleaning with a tooth brush. Re-adjusting with the screwdriver. Scrubbing rust from the battery chamber. Sanitizing every possible nook and crevice with 409. By the time Jack woke-up, the home looked as good as new. It sparkled even…but would it sing? Would it count? Would it speak? I slowly inserted 3 newly purchased C batteries into the battery chamber. Moment of truth…and…nothing happened! Bummer. But wait, one battery wasn’t fitting in the chamber quite like it was supposed to. A spring that was to hold the battery in place had rusted out, it was completely disintegrated. I grabbed some tin foil to act as a make shift metal spring and VOILA! The toy sprung to life as it belted out the “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” I clapped for joy; so did Jack, though I don’t think his clapping was as genuine as much as it was an imitation. So, there you have it. A wonderful toy, less than a year old, good as new, for 96% off. What a deal!

There’s a [Birthday] Party in Jack’s Tummy!

November 26th, 2010 . by Melissa

Sunday’s Best

November 14th, 2010 . by Melissa

I took a few photos of Jack before church today. Here are some of my favorites:


November 9th, 2010 . by Jason

So Big!

May 26th, 2010 . by Melissa

Here are some photos Joni took of Jack last week before a stroller ride.

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